Denim Days- New York Dispatch

Did you know that Amsterdam is considered one of the jeans capitols of the world? (It is). And for several years, through the vision & passion of denim professionals, the Amsterdam Denim Days Festival has brought together industry insiders, visionaries, enthusiasts to create an innovative and creative think tank within the world of denim.  Now, for the first time, Denim Days Festival has landed stateside in New York City. 

This 2 day event was more than a shopping expo, it included interactive displays, indigo dying workshops, exhibitions- glimpse of the "future of the industry where barriers between consumers, brands, machinery people and anyone in the industry are broken. Where everyone who loves denim and denim related cultural elements can connect directly.”

With a reverence for the past and- the future, this is where a shift in trend begins, with people who are not afraid to push the boundaries, ask what if or why not? 


Pretty cool- right?