3Sixteen: Quality Craftsmanship Integrity


3sixteen was founded over a decade ago by co-owners Andrew Chen and Johan Lam.  Working directly with Kuroki Mills in Okayama, Japan, they have developed a custom denim designed to withstand hard wear and show incredible character along the way.


 Going into it, they had criteria. They never wanted it to be about the label on the back. Rather, it was about the production. "It had to be made of raw selvedge denim from Japan, because that's what we believe is the best in the world," Johan shares. "And it had to be constructed in the US so that we could closely oversee production." So, with those stipulations in mind, Andrew and Johan paired up with the Kuroki Mills in Okayama, Japan, to spin their denim. Once the materials are spun, the 3sixteen jeans are constructed in San Francisco, California.

Fabrics and trim, everything about the jean, from the cut to the buttons, rivets, leather patch, and stitch color, was selected to demonstrate a level of lasting quality and versatility. With the capacity to develop character with time, the aim is that, with diligent wear, the customer is rewarded with something well aged, never “old.”
More Than A Name
In terms of a company name, 3sixteen origins were not pulled from a hat, they are the stronghold and convictions built on faith: John 3:16. The intention with the brand has always been to allow it to represent who they fully are – as human beings and how that relates to people around them and the business they run.   From personal tastes,ethics, to the way they relate to the people around them, faith is a guiding light.
We are very proud to have 3sixteen as part of our shop family.  Through GQ we share another insight:  A Day In The Life Of A GQ DAD video- featuring Andrew Chen from 3sixteen.